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Almost getting arrest in Jamaica

How I met my wife


As many of you have so aptly noted, I have not updated jessebeck.com in a long time. It seems, the older you get the less time you have on your hands. Of course, when I was in the Peace Corps, I had plenty of time to spare. Now, I like to take advantage of any free time I may have by doing other things.


This chapter in my life brings me to a nice yuppie lifestyle. I have started my own company called Jesse Beck LLC. I thought long and hard on some possible names, but ended up with that. The company is for computer consulting but technically I only work for one company. It is a software company that sells software to Art Galleries and Artists. It is one of those companies that people would kill to be a part of. It is growing at a rapid pace and I can claim some responsibility for that :)


The best news as of now is that Jesse Jr. is on his/her way. That is right, jessebeckdotcom is reproducing. Much rejoicing is expected.


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