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Here are some on the links that I have enjoyed. I feel that you are probably like me and could care less what links somebody likes on their homepage and you would probably never go to any of them. However, you did click on the link.


 Art Gallery Software

An awesome software for Artists, Art Galleries and Antique Shops. Helps you keep track of your contacts, inventory and acts as a POS. Also uploads your inventory to your website with a push of a button.


Fight Police Brutality

This is my other page dedicated to informing the public about police brutality and other police mishaps. I am not anti-police. I am aware that without proper enforcement of laws, you would have anarchy and chaos. However, some police officers (not all) use their authority in ways that are not considered professional or ethical. Check out this page and feel free to submit a story if you have one!

Iowa State University Cyclones

This would be info on my favorite college team. As you would guess it's because that's where I graduated. The Cyclones have this amazing ability to somehow blow a lot of games which makes it difficult to be a fan but nonetheless I shall remain loyal.



This is the official page for my wedding to my loved one. Feel free to take the poll, look at my pictures or sign the guestbook.


 Archer Exchange

Huge database that displays artwork and antiques. JesseBeckTempHelp


Baby Beck's Homepage

This is the future website of my future baby boy or girl. Haven't found out which yet. There is an ultrasound video on there now. Still in the process of creating the page


The Denver Post

Keeping up on the haps in Denver. TempHelpDesk


Online Interactive Games

Games like Texas Hold em, Hearts, Spades and tons of others. It is Microsoft Gaming Zone.

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