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Almost getting arrest in Jamaica

How I met my wife


How I met my wife


Jesse was born a poor crippled little Asian boy in the rough slums of East Jersey. Through perseverance, ambition and a little luck, Jesse grew up to be a well educated, respectful and handsome man. From the beginning to the end Jesse has endured many paths in life. His memories start in Omaha where he used to sneak into hospitals and play in the elevator or trek to the golf course to collect golfers’ lost balls. Huh?

Jesse left that crazy life to go to another world. Ahhh, the land of “Sprechen sie Deutch?” This new world was full of, ummmm a new language. Jesse left Germany after “fier jares” to live in his future birth place of New Jersey. This is where Jesse spent his high school days studying all the time and attending important educational functions. But, in reality Jesse barely floated by, got into fights and experimented with..cigarettes. Four years living in the East was good enough for Jesse. He wanted something more…something adventurous, something exciting, something just craaazzzyy….so, he move to the Midwest.

Iowa had everything Jesse could wish for…corn, lots of space and…you know, stuff. Jesse spent 4 years at Iowa State University where he mastered the art of Psychology and Sociology. No easy task for somebody with the rough beginnings such as his. After College, Jesse became a counselor for at-risk-youth whom Jesse could relate to. This work, however, was beginning to take a toll on the Beckmeister that he decided one day to join the Peace Corps.

The next morning he was on a flight to Jamaica. Over 2 years in a 3rd world country where Jesse endured a knife mugging, tumultuous heat, mammoth mosquitoes and discontent amongst the people. But he also survived sunny beaches, harmonic music, coconut jellies, great friends, good people and no worries mon. It evened out. After Jamaica, where else would any self respecting, opportunistic RPCV go? Colorado, of course.

This is where Jesse’s life became a life of happiness. After coming home one day from….uhh, church, Jesse plopped down and picked up his laptop to search for…..uhhh, church stuff. He found a message from a sweet young girl that said “hi cutie.” This peaked Jesse’s interest. He thought, “who could this be?” “Is she real?” “Should I respond?” “This could be the start of something beautiful with whom I could share all my secrets, have fun with till the morning dawn and tour the mountainside.”…..so after long thought I began typing away eagerly and responded with…”yo”

This began the journey of love and where I, Jesse Beck, am today. You see, if you really think about it…life really isn’t all that different from when it all started. I am still crippled, but in a different way. I am crippled in the love that I feel for my baby, Lynée.


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