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My 2 year stint in the Peace Corps has come and gone. That chapter in my life sure had its ups and downs. On one hand, I had a great group that I served with and the experiences were priceless. On the other hand, I have five different fingers....huh?

My next chapter proves to be even more exciting. I picked up and moved to the great state of Colorado. A couple weeks before moving here I found out that I had a former friend from college who lived here and a fellow ex-Peace Corps volunteer. Thus, it turns out that I would know at least 2 people here. Of course once living here I was bound to meet a pleothera of different people -with my social nature and all. I first found a job with help from a roommate that I met on Craigslist at a magazine called Dining Out. Unfortunately, the job didn't provide enough hours and I just wasn't making enough money collecting soda cans and returning them for a nickel. Especially since they don't even do that here.

After some networking I was introduced to job that fits my current situation perfectly! I am an apartment manager. Definitely not where I pictured myself to be 10 years ago but who can? Not only is it free rent and utilities but I get benefits and a part time job. Which leaves me time to explore various other jobs while meeting people.

Denver just feels like there are opportunities everywhere. Unlike Council Bluffs, Iowa where I felt there were dead ends everywhere. The weather here is surprisingly nice (300 sunny days out of the year...same as San Diego), It has skiing and tons of stuff to do. Also, Denver is the most educated city and thinnest city in the U.S. Which says a lot about the activities that are available here. I have done a lot of moving around in my life but Denver may be home for awhile.


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